1. Invite your friends, family and neighbors to join your network.

    If you simply register, but do not invite others to join your network, the benefits you experience through RepairTime will be extremely limited. The power and advantage of this network is sharing your service providers with the people you know. If the people you know are not connected to your network, you will not have access to their service providers, nor will they have access to yours. Remember to keep building your network even after your initial registration.

  2. Invite Service Providers to your network.

    Be certain to invite service providers you have used to join your referral network at RepairTime. The idea is to share service provider information throughout your network. You have a fantastic handyman, your brother knows a great plumber, your neighbor has a creative landscaper. When everyone invites their preferred service providers to join – everyone is connected to the service providers they need. No more hunting or guesswork. Use the RepairTime online invitation system to invite your service providers. Remember to keep inviting and connecting to service providers even after your initial registration.

  3. Submit your home repair and improvement service requests online.

    Whenever you have a home repair or improvement service request, be certain to login and to submit your service request online at RepairTime. Simply open a service request, tell us what you need done, then submit. RepairTime will match your service request with a service provider connected to you or to someone you know. Fast, easy, and reliable. Submit all of your home service requests online.

  4. Submit ScoreCards after your service requests have been completed.

    After your service request is completed by the service provider, remember to complete an online ScoreCard to tell your network how well the service provider handled your project. RepairTime tracks and publishes a cumulative score for each provider within the network. Service providers are always striving for a perfect 4.0 score.